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It is time for all Stairway fans out there to get excited - here's the awesome artwork for the new album!

We're proud to say with the artwork for the new album "Power and Glory" we had the honour of another excellent piece by Rodney Matthews (who also did "No Rest:No Mercy" and "Interregnum").

We're excited to be able to finally show all of you!

Thanks for sticking by us, we really need your help to get this out there!

Power and Glory


Some news for you - the title of the first track on the brand new Stairway album is..... 'Lucy Fuhr'

We will add more periodically over the next few weeks, so keep checking back :-)

We are well into the mixing now, and everything so far is sounding mega!!





Have  Great Christmas and a Blessed New Year -

We'll see you  for an exciting year in 2016!


The Demo Sessions EP


thanks to everyone who ordered 'The Demo Sessions' EP it's now SOLD OUT!

In just three days - thanks again!

:-) :-) :-)



We now have in our sticky little fingers 'The Demo Sessions' EP which features early demos from the 1980s and live tracks from 1993 - 6 tracks: 3 studio tracks and 3 live tracks, with a brief written explanation on each track.

Don't expect 2015 quality, some were recorded nearly 30 years ago - these are the original, un-remixed cuts taken directly from cassettes found in a box of STAIRWAY stuff. They are as they are, in all their glorious naivety!

Limited to just a small number of duplicated copies, so get in while they are available, we have tried to keep the price as keen as we can, with STANDARD shipping - and with Christmas being close shipping may be longer

Purchase link below:


Recording Session

We had a session yesterday (10th) recording Pete's final solos for the new songs, we have now completed all the recording and are now ready for mixing.

Here's a sample of Pete doing his thing :-)




FREE SHIPPING (well almost)

This Christmas season starting November 30th 2015 (Cyber Monday) at 12AM (local CD Baby time) and running through to December 4th at 11:59PM, CD Baby will take the hit on shipping costs.

It doesn’t matter if you order 1 CD or 100, standard shipping — domestic AND

international — will be 1¢ TOTAL - now that's a massive discount, get in now!!



Everything for the Stairway Early Demos EP is coming together nicely - we will only be doing a very limited number of these. We will post a link to purchase very soon.



Been looking through some boxes and found this cassette of Stairway demos from the 80s - thought we'd lost this - it has two tracks on it, we may release it as is, do let us know your thoughts :-)

Stairway 80s demo Cassette


After the visit with Rodney Matthews a couple of months ago, the artwork for the new Stairway album is all sorted - when everything is finalised we'll let you all see the cover design - another cracker we're sure you'll agree :-)


Here's a pic from a week ago when I met up with Rodney Matthews to talk about the artwork for the new Stairway album; holding the original artwork for the 1993 'No Rest : No Mercy' album.

June 2015


Live Show

Saturday 11th July 2015 - We are playing a special covers set at The Feathers Lichfield in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust - See you there!

Stairway at The Feathers - Lichfield.


May 2015


We're a good way through recording our 6th studio album and it's sounding great so far!!

We laid down most of the drum parts a couple of weeks ago and have more drum sessions scheduled to come in the next few weeks when we shall finish off the bits and pieces; we’ll then move onto the lead guitar parts and finally lead vocals to finish.

There are a few surprises with this one and we’re really excited and can't wait for you to hear the results.

We are toying with the idea of a Kickstarter/ Pledge Music campaign to master, press and release the new album; is this something you would be interested in, if so what would you like to see included?

Email us and let us know your thoughts :-)