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24th Nov

Brand New Stairway Single

Tricky Nicky

Click on cover to Stream/Download


31st August

NEW - Power and Glory - T Shirt. 


Here we have the Power and Glory album cover design available on a T shirt.

We are only producing a very limited number of these T shirts, so Get in quick folks!

Visit our Bandcamp Page to buy!


2nd June




It’s almost unbelievable that it’s 30 years since our debut album 
No Rest:No Mercy was released. 

This latest release is the definitive version of the album with bonus live tracks from the No Rest Tour of ‘93-94 and the bonus tracks from the 1993 Japanese edition.

Remastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound and with new artwork design by Scott Waters of Nolifetilmetal Graphics.

Released by Roxx Records,




**VINYL at £24.00

**CD at £9.50



Order from: stairwaymusicstore.bigcartel.com



Track Listing Vinyl & CD

1. Battle of Heaven
2. Spirit of Guilt
3. Bondage
4. Meet the Maker
5. Fly with the Spirit
6. Sweetest Song
7. The Great Whore of Babylon
8. Walk Away
9. Black be the Night
10. Keep the Fires Burning
11. Souls of Zion
12. The Great Whore of Babylon (Revisited)


13. Anybody There? (from White Metal Warriors)
14. Walk Away [Another Take] (from White Metal Warriors)
15. Meet The Maker [Live] (previously unreleased)
16. Fly with the Spirit [Live] (previously unreleased)
17. Walk Away [Live] (previously unreleased)


19th March

Hello all

We guess we’ll give you all an update of what’s going on and happening with Stairway as we’ve had a lot of questions asked about the band and a new album etc.

After the release of our last album Power and Glory in 2016, we were eager and excited and chomping at the bit to follow it up with a new album and started writing new songs in earnest and began recording.

Since 2018, we’ve had this, that and the other thrown at us, some you may know about and others you won’t,  and on top of that CoVid kicked all of us in the teeth.

We released a demo ‘Ring ‘o’ Roses in 2020 and a new single at Christmas 2022 which were fun to do.

But as Paul says in Corinthians we may be down trodden and abused, but never beaten, because with God when you’re at the bottom there’s only one way to go and that’s up!

So, soundly and surely, step by step, onwards and upwards we go. 

Thank you all for your patience, as they say, patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait.

God bless

Graeme, Andy and Pete


8th Jan

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and streamed the new Stairway Christmas single 'It's Christmas Time'

It's still available to download and stream on all platforms :-)




18th Dec

We have released a brand new song for this Christmas called: 

'It's Christmas Time'

It is available to download and stream on our Bandcamp page here www.stairway.bandcamp.com

and will be on all platforms very soon.

Here's the link to the Official Stairway Youtube Channel with lyric video for the song.


Enjoy and have a great Christmas and we will see you in 2023 :-)

Graeme, Pete & Andy.


6th June

No Rest No Mercy on vinyl

Next year 2023 is the 30th Anniversary for STAIRWAY’s debut album No Rest:No Mercy.

We’re asking how much interest you would all have if we released this on vinyl?

We would remaster the album for vinyl and press a limited 100 copies. 

Price to you all may be the deciding factor at £25.00 a copy plus postage and packaging.

That is approximately 

USA- $32 +p&p

EUROPE- €30  +p&p

UK - £25  +p&p

At the moment vinyl is in high demand and there is an upwards of a 6 month wait on manufacture.

Let us know your comments!

Over to YOU!!??



9th May


All Stairway albums are now available as digital downloads on our Bandcamp site - Click the link below to visit our merch store



Interregnum 12" Vinyl

I was looking through the STAIRWAY warehouse (merch cupboard at my home ;-)) and found a dozen or so of these I didn’t know we’d got!

We are also selling some B Stock copies that have damaged and creased sleeves at a sale price.

Go on over to our Bandcamp site to buy.


Grab 'em while we've got 'em!

NB To keep postage costs as low as we can, please allow upto 4 weeks for delivery. Thanks :-)


21st April

We will, over the coming weeks, make all Stairway albums available as digital downloads on Bandcamp.com

The first to receive such treatment are the studio albums 'Power and Glory' and 'Interregnum'.



Brand new album 'Power and Glory' 2016!'Interregnum' 2010 - Click here to BUY CD

14th April

‘The Demo Sessions’ EP which was only available as a limited edition on CD, is now available as a download on the Stairway Bandcamp profile.

The tracks on this E.P were recorded in the 1980s and early 1990s
and are the original, authentic, un-remixed cuts taken from the demos that were found in a box of old Stairway tapes and give an idea of
the work the band did in the years before recording the debut album
No Rest:No Mercy. They are as they are in all their glorious naivety.

Head on over to Bandcamp to download:




8th April

The planning for the 7th Stairway album began in late 2019.

Sadly due to the Covid pandemic of 2020/21, recording of the new Stairway album was postponed until such times that the band could safely start recording.

With Omicrom symptoms being somewhat milder, we hope to start recording sooner rather than later.
However, with some of the band working in the care profession and the potential of catching and/or transmitting the disease on to those in their care, we will tread carefully.

On a plus note, Graeme has written a lot of new songs in the preceding time, so, onwards and upwards!

1st April

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