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Amazingly, 5 years ago on the 20th May 2016, the Stairway album ‘Power and Glory’ was released !!

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*Album Update *

As we said last year the new Stairway album is near completion, but with CoVid still with us and each of us living in different areas, we are not at the moment able to meet up and get things finished.

However, the vaccination programme in the UK is going full steam ahead, and we hope by the summer we can meet up and get some sort of normality back again.

Many thanks for sticking by us in these difficult times - we love ya! 

It would mean a lot if you could share the band's music on your social media profiles and maybe buy a CD or two.



Trusting everyone is well - keep safe, keep your distance and we'll hopefully see you sometime this year.

God bless

Graeme, Pete & Andy



Deep Cuts 2019

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Power and Glory 2016
Brand new album 'Power and Glory' 2016!
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The Demo Sessions 2015


Christmas Merry Christmas 2010

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Interregnum 2010
'Interregnum' 2010 - Click here to BUY CD
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The Other Side of Midnight 2006
'The Other Side Of Midnight ' 2006 - Click here to BUY CD
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On Hallowed Ground 2002'On Hallowed Ground'  2002 - Click here to BUY CD
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Bleeding Heart 1999

'Bleeding Heart' 1999 - Click here to BUY CD
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No Rest : No Mercy 1993/2005
'No Rest:No Mercy'  1993/2005 - Click here to BUY CD
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